League of American Traitors by Matthew Landis

League of American TraitorsTitle: League of America Traitors

Author: Matthew Landis

Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5 Stars)

Release Date: August 8, 2017

“Deception is our only ally now.”

League of American Traitors was a really fun take on American History. There was a lot of humor and action, with a big cast of characters. We follow Jasper Mansfield, the last living descendant of Benedict Arnold, as he’s brought into a world where the families of American heroes and traitors still battle it out. Jasper learns more about his history as he tries to change his future in this quick and engaging read.

Things I Liked 

There was some really great action in the story! We get a really intense action in the beginning of the story, starting it off with a bang, and then more in the later half as well. It’s well balanced and keeps the stakes high.

I really love the entire premise; it’s so much fun. It’s original, unique, and it just works. I loved that there were these secret societies based around American heroes and traitors. And they have all this bad blood between them. I like how the traitors grouped themselves by time periods and hung out with other descendents from those eras. I also liked that some tough topics like slavery and the Native American genocide were addressed.

There are some really funny moments throughout the story. Sheldon, Jasper’s roommate is the biggest source of comedic relief, but other characters bring some humorous bite as well.

I really like the trial that happens. It was one of my favorite parts. We really see some growth in Jasper’s characters, and I felt like this was one of the only moments – outside of his grief over his parent’s death in the beginning – that showcased him and his personality, allowing me to connect with him.

Things I Didn’t Like 

I wanted more about the culture of the True Sons of Liberty and the League of American traitors. We obviously got a little more backstory about the League, but I felt like the True Sons (or Libertines) were really glossed over. Even the school where Jasper goes, a school for the League, felt really isolated.

I also wanted more from the characters. As a largely character driven reader, this was a more personal issue that others might not have problems with. Like I said above, I felt that Jasper really only had two moments were I felt really connected to him: grief from his parent’s death and courage at the trial. Otherwise he mostly felt like he was just there. The other characters also felt like they were a little flat – I just didn’t really connect with any of them. And I actually found that Lacy got more annoying to me as the story progressed. I found her to be a little too indignant for my tastes.

I also never really became invested in the romance in the story. This could partially be because I didn’t really connect with any characters, but I also found that there wasn’t as much buildup as I would have liked.

This was such a quick, easy, and fun read. I almost knocked it out in one sitting. It’s filled with humorous takes on history that have huge implications for our characters present day. It’s historical without being to stuffy, and really just completely takes you away when reading it. It’s so easy to just get into the story and it’s a lot of fun.

I received a copy of the book from Sky Pony Press via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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