Review | Obsidio by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Obsidio (The Illuminae Files, #3)Title: Obsido (The Illuminae Fies #3)

Authors: Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Rating: ★★★★☆

Publsiher: Knopf BFYR

Release Date: March 13, 2018

I have heard it said
That evil is simply a point of view.
The villain is always the hero in his own story.
And the definitions of “wrong” and “right”
Ever shift on the inconstant tides
Of human morality.

I honestly didn’t really know what to expect from this last instalment of the Illuminae Files. And I don’t really know if all my expectations were met, but I have to say it was a fun ride. Obsidio brings together the resilient ragtag group from Illuminae and Gemina, plus some newbies on Kerenza IV, as they try to expose BioTech’s misdeeds once and for all.

Things I Liked 
If you would have told me when I was reading Illuminae that A.I.D.A.N. would become my favorite, I’d have called BS. But I love that A.I. like no other. I honestly never expect for it to become my favorite character in the series, but there’s such depth and intelligence there that I’m completely drawn in.

I really liked getting to see the different dynamics and team-ups that happened as a result of so many different ships coming together. I liked exploring the politics and power struggles, but I also enjoyed seeing our main characters interact in new ways. Nik and Ezra was a particular favorite pairing of mine.

This quote

“This die is cast. But today we will shake the table upon which it lands.”

Things I Didn’t Like 
The story got a bit formulaic, with the introduction of Asha and Rhys. So I was less interested in what was happening on Kerenza IV. It was a more unbalanced story for me than the previous ones – I cared less about what was happening on Kerenza than I did about the Mao. The “shocking” moments didn’t really feel impactful because I felt like I knew what would happen.

Overall I really love this series and it’s just a fun experience. I think Obsidio was a good conclusion to the story and felt mostly satisfying. I really liked most of the characters and they definitely drove the story for me. And high stakes and thrilling missions don’t hurt either. I could read space stories everyday, so this series is obviously a win from me.

What did you think of OBSIDIO? What’s your favorite space story? Share below!


3 thoughts on “Review | Obsidio by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

  1. Elise @ Roaming Reader says:

    I agree 100% with this! I loved seeing all the characters come together and the new dynamics it led to! And GOSH AIDAN! Going into Illuminae I never would’ve thought he/it? would become such an interesting character but AHHHH!
    I think my biggest issue with the entire series is how formulaic it is. I loved Illuminae but I think I liked Gemina a little less because it followed the exact same story beats (same with Obsidio)

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