Review | Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer

Letters to the Lost (Letters to the Lost, #1)Title: Letters to the Lost

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

Rating: ★★★★☆

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Relase Date: APril 4, 2017

“Sometimes I think fate conspires against us. Or maybe fate conspires with us.”

Letters to the Lost was an emotional and moving story about grief, pain, and healing. When Juliet Young and Declan Murphy unexpectedly (and anonymously) bond over their own pain from losing a loved one, they start to heal in expected ways.

Things I Liked 
I loved so many different relationships that were in this story. They all felt unique and important. Rev and Declan have one of the most pure and unconditional friendships I’ve ever seen and it brought me so much joy to see. I loved the progression of Declan and Jules’ relationships – both on paper and in person. There was such vulnerability and honesty, mixed with banter and flirting – it was great. I also really liked the different types of parental relationships we see with Jules and her dad; Declan and his parents, and even with Rev and his parents.

This story was so jam packed with grief and emotion that you could actually feel it. It was so each to connect with the characters and understand their pain and anger. Then we get to feel the freeing and hopeful journey of their healing and I loved it!

Things I Didn’t Like 
I feel like there was some unnecessary drama in the last third of the story. It just felt like throwing a wrench in just because and I wasn’t the biggest fan.

Letters to the Lost is a moving story of healing and loss that grabs you by the heartstrings. Being a part of Declan and Juliet’s journey felt both painful and hopeful. You travel their journey with them, invested in them and their feelings. I can’t say enough good things about this book and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants an emotional read you can connect with.



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