ARC Review | Bloodwitch by Susan Dennard

Bloodwitch (The Witchlands, #3)Title: Bloodwitch (Witchlands #3)

Author: Susan Dennard

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2.5 Stars)

Publisher: Tor Teen

Release Date: February 19, 2019

If I’m being honest, I feel like this series all kinda blends together and not a lot has happened. Yes the characters are in different places physically, but I feel like they’re still all the same (except for Merrik) and I don’t really feel like I know them. Or maybe I’m just not connecting with the characters, so I’m not invested even if there was a plot. I don’t know.

I was excited to read Bloodwitch, because I did enjoy Windwitch more than Truthwitch and I desperately want to fall in love with this series, but I just don’t think it’s happening. Bloodwitch allows the Voidwitch Aeduan to take the lead as the characters continue to fight for their survival in this epic fantasy series.

Things I Liked 
I really loved the prologue of the story. Getting to see young Aeduan and learning a bit about his background was great. It was the most sympathetic he’s been and really let me feel for him. He was suddenly a person, not just this figure we’re told is fearsome and tragic.

I thought Safi exploring the bounds and abilities of her magic was great. I loved seeing her working and being so active. She wasn’t just and impulsive person. And the idea of being able to make different kinds of witchery stones is super cool.

Things I Didn’t Like 
I feel like there’s this recurring problem I have with this series where I only like one storyline in the book and the others drag or I actively dislike them. I don’t like the Weaverwitch storyline at all, so there was large sections of this book that I did not enjoy. I don’t really care about Owl so the first half of Iseult and Aeduan’s story lines was incredibly boring for me. And like I mentioned above, Safi’s storyline was my favorite. I just don’t have the desire to read when I picked the book up. I was excited to get to Safi’s chapters, but where I got to Merrik, Esme, Owl, or Vivia is was just too easy for me to put the book down and do something else.

While I loved how the setting was established in book one – the different types of Witchery, the Origin Wells, the Truce and a tense political history between Empires – I don’t feel like the world has expanded since the beginning. Yes we’re learning a bit more each book, but it doesn’t feel cohesive or like it’s paining this bigger picture. It’s just bits of information we’re given, but I still feel like I’m missing so much. And even though a different character is the focus for the different books, they’re still mostly a mystery. I maybe learned 2 things about Aeduan in this story that wasn’t already established.

I’m just not getting the development – plot or character wise- that I want from this series so it constantly feels like we’re ending up the same place we start. I think that the side characters are stealing the show for me because I am intrigued by the Hell-Bards, Vaness is strong, capable, and a badass, and Leopold is just a fun POV to read from. I just don’t know where I stand with this series. I want to love it so much, but I constantly feel let down or apathetic and it sucks. Bloodwitch was another solid entry that I’m sure many fans will love, but I’m still waiting for the spark.

I received a copy of the book from Tor Teen in exchange for an honest review.


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