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Another Sunday, another book tag

This week’s tag, once again, comes from the always wonderful Siobhan from @Siobhan’sNovelties , so make sure you show her plenty  of love and give her a follow.

What Is the Longest Amount of Time You Can Comfortably Go without Picking Up a Book?

I’m ussually reading constantly, so not having a book to read isn’t something that’s a normal problem for me. And I don’t really have slumps, I just read books that I thought would be around 3 stars (usually contemporary or romances). I’d say I wouldn’t go a week without reading something.

How Many Books Do You Carry on Your Person (or Kindle) at Any One Time?

I always have my phone on me – so I always have an ebook/audiobook to read.

Do You Keep Every Book You Buy/Receive or Are You Happy to Pass Them on to Make Space for More?

I’m happy to pass along books I didn’t enjoy. I donate them to one of my local libraries usually.

How Long Would You Spend in a Bookshop on a Standard Visit?

On a typical visit, I’d say 1-2 hours is a normal timeframe for me to be in a bookstore.

How Much Time Per Day Do You Actually Spend Reading?

I’d say around 2 hours is pretty normal for me, between audiobook on commute and reading before bed.

Where Does the Task ‘Picking up a Book’ Appear on Your Daily to-Do List?

I don’t necessarily prioritize reading, but it’s such a natural thing for me to do at this point that I don’t even think about reaching for a book, I just do it.

How Many Books Do You Reckon You Own in Total (Including Ebooks)?

I have to ballpark it because I have no clue, but including books in all formats I’d say around  800, which is way lower after culling my ebooks earlier this year from 1250 to 500.

Approximately How Often Do You Bring Up Books in Conversation?

With people outside my sister, probably not that often. I have a few friends who are into books, but not many.

What Is the Biggest Book (Page Count) You Have Finished Reading?

Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas at 984 pages.

Is There a Book You Had to Get Your Hands on Against All Odds (i.e., Searching Bookshops, Online Digging, Etc)?

Not that I can think of.

A Book You Struggled to Finish but Refused to DNF?

Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera. I didn’t want to DNF an LGBT book starting Pride month so I pushed through it

What Are Three of Your Main Book Goals for 2019?

The same as last year really: read more genres, read more formats, read more diversely

Have You Ever Had the Privilege of Converting Someone into a Reader (Maybe via Inspiration or Incessant Nagging)?

Again, not really.

Describe What Books Mean to You in Five Words.

The best form of entertainment.


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