Review | Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

Ninth House (Alex Stern, #1)Title: Ninth House (Alex Stern #1)

Author: Leigh Barugo

Rating: ★★★★☆

Publisher: Flatiron Books

Release Date: October 8, 2019

“Leave the dead to the dead. Turn your eyes to the living.

I feel like I don’t even need to write an introduction for this book because either you’ve heard of it and you weren’t interested, or you’ve still heard of it and was counting down the day to its release (the camp I was in). But the point is, you already know what what Ninth House is about, so lets more onto my thoughts.

Things I Liked
I thought Alex was a really enjoyable character. I love how fierce and protective she is of those few she cares about. I also liked her drive and wonder surrounding magic and spells and seeing her grow through the story. Darlington is the best and I loved reading from his perspective. And I thought Turner was a bit of a scene stealer. So basically, I enjoyed the characters. 

While graphic and often gross, the magic, rites, and rituals were so captivating to read about because the were quite different. Some of the magic types are obviously more common, but I loved the house structure and legacies tied to the houses and the land.

Things I Didn’t Like
The chapters in this book were so unbelievably long – and felt long- at least in the beginning. I usually read before bed and the first 2 chapters almost put me to sleep on two separate nights. I tend to prefer shorter chapters, or at least longer ones that have page breaks but I felt the length in a lot of these chapters.

The ending was kinda convoluted and rushed. Alex wraps everything up in a neat bow pretty easily and theres back-to-back-to-back reveals that come all right after another so you really only get the impact of the last one and not the fakeouts. But I am still  excited for where the story is headed, because more Darlington can never be a bad thing.

Ninth House is a dark and twisty paranormal story about the abuse of power. The secret societies and Ivy college setting work as a perfect backdrop for this conversation to take place. By now you know this story has all kinds of fucked up stuff – some I think worked for the story, others not so much. But I did enjoy where we left off and where the story seems to be headed. So a slow start with a bit of a rocky ending, but a wild ride that I don’t think I’ll soon forget.


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