Recent Reads Mini Reviews

I’ve taken a podcast break ad switched back to books. I’ve really been knocking them out since quarantine started so expect a few mini reviews coming up! But here are some of the books I’ve read over the last few weeks.

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

Kids of Appetite

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4.5 Stars)
Release Date: April 7, 2020

“And when the kids needed someone most, someone to love and trust, they found one another, and they called themselves the Kids of Appetite, and they lived and they laughed and they saw that it was good.”

What a wonderful and heartwarming story that is so comforting and uplifting in some really weird and uncertain times. I loved the non-linear format, I LOVED the interview excerpts, I loved the strong focus on families and found families, I love Baz’s philosophy on chapters, I loves seeing people on a journey to happiness. If you need an inspiring story that will make you feel better, look no further.


The Gods of Men by Barbara Kloss

The Gods of Men (Gods of Men, #1)

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Release Date: June 26, 2018

“There are always two sides, Sable,” the Wolf said slowly.”Don’t dismiss mine simply because it complicated yours.”

This was a good, quick fantasy read. Nothing too complicated and really easy to jump into. I liked the different types of magic showcased, and necromancy is always a plus, but it was a little hard for me to grasp the worldbuiling in the beginning. I could understand all the pieces individually, but it was kinda hard for me to see how everything related together. This book had an excellent cast of supporting characters – the main characters are fine – nothing unique, but not bad. But I really enjoyed a lot of the side characters. There was a lot of genuine friendship, care, and support there which I appreciated. My biggest negative is related to characters unfortunately. There was a lot of unnecessarily aggressive guys. There mentions of assaults and we see some fade-to-black scenes and I just didn’t like it. It was too much, in my opinion. Luckily, that didn’t bring the book down completely and I’m very intrigues to see what’s going to happen next in the story.

Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett

Serious Moonlight

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Release Date: April 16, 2019

This is one of the books where the plot was negligible for me, and 90% of my enjoyment came from the characters and their relationships. Serious Moonlight is a fun contemporary romance with a mystery twist. Birdie and Daniel had wonderful chemistry and I loved Mona, Birdie’s godmother too, and all of Daniel’s family as well! A good group of strongly defined characters is all I ask for. But the plot being campy and hilarious doesn’t hurt. Plus, i loved the inclusion of quotes from famous detectives through history. I’m always a such for quotes as chapter headings and it totally fit with Birdie’s vibes. Serious Moonlight is a story that will make you laugh and keep you turning the pages.

The Hand on the Wall by Maureen Johnson

The Hand on the Wall (Truly Devious, #3)

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Release Date: January 21, 2020

This was okay. Which is sorta disappointing as a series finale, but not too bad as an individual book. I think I was just let down because the present day mystery was always my least favorite compared the the Ellingham mystery from the ’30s and I feel like we got a lot of satisfying answers in the previous book. But I can say that I liked how the story wrapped up and I do think all the resolutions fit within the story and made sense how Stevie laid everything out. Overall this finale worked for me, but I didn’t have that many expectations. The 30s mystery was still my favorite part and I honestly just kinda ignore the modern characters problems and it worked for me.

What are some of the book you’ve read recently? Are you currently fighting a slump also?


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