Review | The Secret of a Heart Note by Stacey Lee

The Secret of a Heart NoteTitle: The Secret of a Heart Note

Author: Stacey Lee

Rating: ★★★★☆

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Release Date: December 27, 2016

“If we are the magicians. love is the magic…”

I honestly can’t believe it’s take me this long to finally pick up The Secrets of a Heart Note. This whimsical and fantastical story screams spring with all the talk of flowers, love, and growth. We follow aromateur, Mimosa, as she helps her mother run their elixir business helping other people fall in love, (but never for an aromateur) while navigating high school for the first time.

I thought this world was so beautifully set up. Not only are aromateur and their magic stunningly beautiful, but the language surrounding flowers, their scents and powers were enchanting. The writing truly reflected the beauty within the story. If the weather’s nice, I highly recommend trying to read at least part of this story outside. It just fits so well with nature.

I really enjoyed how Mimosa and Delilah’s powers worked. I really loved the explanations about the elixirs – how they work, how they’re effective, how they might not work – it was all very fascinating and seemed so real. And the complications Mim faces having residual elixir ingredients on her at basically all times. I also loved getting quotes from former aromateur’s as chapter headings. It not only helped build their history, but can insight into how they view love and relationships.

Mim does get in over her head a time or two, and doesn’t quite think things through to come to the best conclusion, but she’s learning and always trying to do what’s right and support others, so I appreciated that about her. Even if she did frustrate me a few times.

This story is so wonderfully atmospheric that I couldn’t imaging a better springtime story. If you enjoy nature, gardening, or just want a floral escapism wonder, I think you’ll appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of The Secret of a Heart Note.


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