ARC Review | So We Meet Again by Suzanne Park

So We Meet AgainTitle: So We Meet Again
Author: Suzanne Park
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: August 3, 2021

Jess Kim is at a big crossroad in her life, after being let go from her Wall Street banking job, she moves back home to Nashville and takes up residence in her childhood bedroom. The familiar surrounding (and faces) causes Jess to take a look at what she wants to do and she resurrects a cooking channel for busy professionals she had in college. But when her mom ambushes her first live video – and it goes viral – Jess finally feels like she has some direction. And with an old crush (and rival) back in town too, romance might be in the future for Jess as well as a new career.

There was a lot I really loved about So We Meet Again, but the biggest reason is that it’s a great family story. While Jess and her mom can have a combative relationship at times, her mother really just wants the best for Jess, and wants her to be happy. I also really loves seeing Jess tackle a new phase in her life, that I’m sure so many of us can relate too- finding your drive, feeling adrift, second guessing yourself. All made Jess feel like such a real person, and I loved seeing her journey. I also thought her business idea – a meal prep add on kit – was a genius idea! And while I don’t think it was the focus of the story, or given much development, the romance worked. Daniel and Jess are cute and have chemistry – and I appreciated that we got to see them go on a journey. Their relationship had ups and downs.

One thing I think you really need to know is that you should completely avoid reading the synopsis for this book – or at least the last paragraph because it honestly gives way too much away. And even if I think the third act conflict was a little weak, it shouldn’t be given away in the book’s synopsis. But I have to say, overall SO We Meet Again was a fun story about finding yourself, with plenty of delicious Korean American food descriptions to make your mouth water.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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