Series Review | Like Us series by Krista & Becca Ritchie Part II

After reading the Addicted and Calloway Sisters series last year and falling in love with the characters and world that the Ritchie sisters created, I knew I needed to read the Like Us series following the children of characters from the first two series.

KBR describe the The Like Us series  as “one continuous timeline, that follows a family of wealthy celebrities and the people that protect them.” So these are all bodyguard romances with other tropes included.  POVs switch throughout the series with different books primarily focusing on different couples, so the books should be read in their order of publication to understand events that take place in prior books, but you don’t have to have read any previous books to enjoy this series, you’ll just get more out of it. (and I would 100% recommend the other books for Lo alone).

Headstrong Like Us | ★★★★★

Headstrong Like Us (Like Us, #6)
Moffy and Farrow remain perfect and this was a great story about balancing expectations and realities. The story largely centers around wedding prep of Moffy and Farrow’s wedding, but we also see them confront where they are in their relationship and confront unexpected challenges. Again, I just think these two really work as a couple and I love seeing them happy.

Charming Like Us |★★★★☆

Charming Like Us (Like Us, #7)

I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into this because we didn’t know Jack or Oscar very well and this is the first story where one of the Famous Ones isn’t a part of the romantic pairing, but I really loved their relationship. Seeing all the great family moments, and Jack discovering his identity was lovely.

Wild Like Us | ★★★★☆

Wild Like Us (Like Us, #8)

I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, and will definitely be informed by having zero expectations going in and not being a big fandom/shipper person, but I really enjoyed Sulli, Banks, and Akara’s story arc. But I really enjoyed seeing the three of them grow closer and really just develop a foundation before it moves romantic. As Sulli attempts to retrace some of Ryke’s free climbs, I feel like each of these characters were really in their element and brought something to the dynamic.

Fearless Like Us | ★★★★☆

Fearless Like Us (Like Us, #9)

Sulli, Banks, and Akara are all facing challenges in this story – individually and as a couple. They are worried about this relationship leaking and causing even more publicity and safety risks, plus a new Gossip Girl-style website is exposing Famous Family secrets with a penchant for targeting Sulli. This second book (like Thatcher and Jane’s second book) really allows space for conflict and growth. The trio fortify their relationship and their pure love and dedication to one another was adorable and I loved it.

Infamous Like Us | ★★★★☆

Infamous Like Us (Like Us, #10)

Stylistically this book was the biggest departure from the rest of the series, with back and forth time cuts, news reports, and social media posts, it was an easy way to keep the series fresh and engaging 10 books in without sacrificing tone or expectations. Through these time cuts, we get to see a lot of relationship (and personal – particularly from Sulli) development as Sulli is going for Olympic gold once again in the midst of unexpected life changes, mounting popularity (with security risks) and the pressures she puts on herself. But I really loved seeing the trio together and being accepted by their families. There was a lot of family moments in Infamous Like Us that I adored.

As you can tell, I really love these characters and these couples. More books in the series are coming out later this year and I can’t wait to start reading Luna and Donnelly’s romance.


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