Recent Reads Mini Reviews

More mini reviews from books I’ve enjoyed to varying degrees over the last few weeks.

Do I Know You? by Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka

Do I Know You? by Emily Wibberley

Rating: ★★★★★
Release Date: January 24,2023

What an amazing book.

Eliza and Graham are not a perfect couple, but they are one of the most realistic ones I feel like I’ve ever read. Now, maybe it’s not the most realistic to pretend to meet again on your five year wedding anniversary to reignite the spark that’s slowly been fading, whose to say; but their struggles, fears, and hopes are universal. Eliza and Graham both feel like they were meant to be, despite their struggles to connect and communicate lately, and they actively choose each other again and again, and that might just be the most romantic thing in the world. 

I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The Game by Vi Keeland

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2.5 Stars)
Release Date: January 16, 2023

This was a perfectly fine sports romance, but it’s not my favorite from Keeland. I liked the set-up: a new owner to a NFL team and the star quarterback is a great idea, but the story got bogged down in the other stuff – particularly the family drama. It was more emotionally intense than the rest of the story, but not really given the page time to develop it as much as I wanted, so it was just kinda flat for me. And I also thing the actual romance was a little rushed for my taste. I didn’t feel much chemistry beyond the first few interactions between Christian and Bella. I did enjoy most of the side characters, they made the world – and story – fuller.

Like You Love Me by Adriana Locke

Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Release Date: February 16, 2021

DNF @ 60%

Now there wasn’t really anything wrong with this, and maybe I could have finished it. But I don’t thing the story was going to take a turn to wow me, and I’m kinda over finishing books because they’re easy to read even if I’m not enjoying them.

Sophie and Holden were childhood summer friends and have recently reconnected -and married. I feel like I was missing all the build up to their relationship – flashback to their childhood would have helped so much, because I don’t really feel like I cared about their relationship – where it was, or where it’s going. And I think I’m just over mutually beneficial marriages of convivences for now, because I’ve read a few over the last couple of months and none of them really blew me away.

Thorne Princess by L.J. Shen

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 
Release Date: January 12, 2023

The only thing I knew going into this book was that it was a bodyguard romance, so as you can imagine, I was in for a bit of a surprise. My reading experience was a bit all over the place: I really enjoyed the first half, then from the 50%-60% is was looing my interest, then from around 65%-90% I didn’t really enjoy it, and I ended up liking the last 10% again. I think my biggest issue was that the pacing was all over the place and the development was inconsistent. So while it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, it wasn’t all bad, just mostly not for me.

Content warning for sexual assault, family negligence, and consensual non-consent romantic relationships

What books have you been reading lately? Share below.



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