My name is Danielle and I read way too many books.

I have a particular fondness for all things YA. I read everything from contemporary and fantasy to historical and science fiction. I love to get fully immersed in books and I’m a sucker for twins, friendships, romances, basically all kinds of character dynamics. I tend to be a character driven reader, I can enjoy any book as long as I connect with the characters, but I do love an intricate plot as much as the next reader.

I have been reading for basically my entire life and started actively reviewing books over the past year, hence the blog. Actually the blog was part 2, the tumblr (also LifeofaLiteraryNerd) was part 1.

I have found so many books I’ve wanted to read because of beautiful edits on tumblr that I decided to start one to share books I’ve read and loved, so more people could find them and fall in love with them too. After about 6 months, I realized I also wanted to share my reviews, but not ruin the #aesthetics so LifeofaLiteraryNerd found a part 2 on WordPress.

Here you’ll find reviews, recommendations, and plenty of fangirling. Feel free to add/friend/follow me anywhere so we can share in our love of all things YA and book related!

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Happy readings!!!