Backlist Books TBR Part II

I loved this week’s Top 10 Tuesday topic so much I knew I needed to make a follow-up to share more backlist books on my TBR that I really want to read. Some of these are books I’ve wanted to read forever, others are cult classics that I feel like I need to read. But here are some mroe backlist books I want to read! Continue reading


The Five-Star Readathon Wrap-Up

What better way is there to kick off October than reading a bunch of books you ended up loving?!?!?!?!

This Five-Star prediciton was so much more successful than my last one!!! Firstly, I actually finished all the books on my list. And secondly, I didn’t give anything lower than a 4 star! This readathon has put me in the best mood and I just want to read all the books now!
Continue reading

Favorite Fall Book Covers

This month I’m taking a break from the ABC Book Tag to talk about Fall and book and spooky tags! I saw Jessica @ReadingWithJessica do this and I love talking about book covers too, so I really wanted to do it! Fall is all about warm tones, maybe something spooky or magical, and possibly creepy. I’m going to share covers of books I’ve read and ones on my TBR that remind me of Fall. Click on the title to go to the Goodreads page! Continue reading

The Five-Star Readathon TBR

What better way is there to kick off October than reading a bunch of books you think you’ll love?!?!?!?!

Almost a year ago,  I made a Five Star TBR Prediction for 6 books I was really excited for and felt like I would give 5 stars. I’ve read 5 out of the 6 books: gave 1 Five-Star, 1 Four-Star, 1 Three-Star, and 2 Two-Stars. So overall not the best odds, but I’m hoping this time will be better.  Continue reading

5 Series I Want to Catch Up on in 2018

Earlier this week I shared some series that I want to start this year, and today I’m going to talk about some series that I want to either catch up on or complete this year. Like with the previous posts, I’m not including series that I’m caught up on besides their 2018 releases in this post, though some of these series do have 2018 releases in them. These are just series that have multiple books already out, and I’ve started the series and for absolutely no reason, haven’t picked up the next book yet. So here are 5 series I want to catch up on this year, and while this isn’t necessarily a TBR I want to try and catch up on 3 of these as well. Continue reading

7 Series I Want to Start in 2018

As 2018 is starting and so many fantastic new books are coming out, I want to talk about some older series that are out that I desperately need to read. Now, this isn’t necessarily on my TBR for the year, but I want to try and and start at least 3 of these. Now I only included book that have at least 2 books out in the series all ready, because if I wanted to just talk about series starting this year we would be here forever. Later in the week I’ll talk about some series that I want to get caught up on in 2018, again not including 2018 releases. Continue reading

2017 Favorites

It’s time to share my favorite reads of 2017!!!!!!!! I have founds some of my all time favorites this year and I’ve expanded my reading to include more genres and styles. I have the books separated into 3 categories: Backlisted, 2017 Releases, and 2018 Releases. I have around 30 books here, so let’s see my favorites of the year! Continue reading