Book Chat | What’s My Favorite Genre?

Hi, my name is Danielle and I don’t know what my favorite book genre is.

I thought I’d change up the normal Sunday book tag and finally do another book chat (a follow up to my talk about book synopsis last year) and talk about my struggles with trying to pick my favorite genre to read. Continue reading

2020 Goals |12 Book TBR

I’m not usually a big TBR person because I just really like mood reading and grabbing whatever I’m feeling, but this year I decided to pick 12 books from my shelves that I’ve wanted to read for a while and I’m going to read one of them each month this year! I have a tentative schedule for when I want to read each book, but I’m totally open for it to change so I don’t want to commit by writing it down. But here are the 12 books on my yearly TBR. Continue reading