Book Chat | What’s My Favorite Genre?

Hi, my name is Danielle and I don’t know what my favorite book genre is.

I thought I’d change up the normal Sunday book tag and finally do another book chat (a follow up to my talk about book synopsis last year) and talk about my struggles with trying to pick my favorite genre to read. Continue reading

2020 Goals | Authors I Want to Read More From

I’m not trying to stress out about reading or making big goals for the year so there will only be a few posts this week. I love discovering new authors, but finding authors whose writing you fall in love with is something special, so here are 5 authors that I’ve read a limited amount from in the past and desperately want to read more from this year. Continue reading

Book Chat | All About Book Synopsis

Instead of the usual tag post this Sunday, I wanted to talk about book synopsis and the role they play in my reading life. I thought this was the perfect time to do this, because not only was having more chats one of my 2019 resolutions, but I had this moment earlier today when starting a new book – that I’ve never read the synopsis for that clicked – “this is the perfect time to share all your thoughts on synopsis.” So here we are. Continue reading