Recommendations | Red Book Covers Part II

Last year I talked about how I wanted to be more consistent with my recommendation posts and started this series recommending books based on the colors in the covers (so we can get a fun genre mix) but I failed spectacularly . Now over a year and a half later, I’m finally doing a part II, with more to come in the future – in a more timely manner. Continue reading

Must Read Books For Spring | 2019

The theme for this Spring’s 5 must reads is: growth. Which I happen to think is super fitting for the season and when your book matched you r mood, something special happens and a book can just worm your way into your heart and have such a lasting impact. You can check out last year’s spring recommendations here!

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Book Recommendations | College YA

This month’s recommendations post I’m going to be talking about YA books set in college. I love seeing more YA books coming out set in college, they bring a whole new set of experiences to draw from and I couldn’t be happier that more are coming out. This recommendations post will be a mix of books I’ve read and ones on my TBR. So here are 10 YA books set in college. Continue reading