2020 Goals | Authors I Want to Read More From

I’m not trying to stress out about reading or making big goals for the year so there will only be a few posts this week. I love discovering new authors, but finding authors whose writing you fall in love with is something special, so here are 5 authors that I’ve read a limited amount from in the past and desperately want to read more from this year. Continue reading

2020 Goals |12 Book TBR

I’m not usually a big TBR person because I just really like mood reading and grabbing whatever I’m feeling, but this year I decided to pick 12 books from my shelves that I’ve wanted to read for a while and I’m going to read one of them each month this year! I have a tentative schedule for when I want to read each book, but I’m totally open for it to change so I don’t want to commit by writing it down. But here are the 12 books on my yearly TBR. Continue reading