Recommendations | Red Book Covers Part II

Last year I talked about how I wanted to be more consistent with my recommendation posts and started this series recommending books based on the colors in the covers (so we can get a fun genre mix) but I failed spectacularly . Now over a year and a half later, I’m finally doing a part II, with more to come in the future – in a more timely manner. Continue reading

Book Tag |Ultimate Book Recommendations Book Tag

Another Sunday, another book tag.

This week, I’m going a tag all about book recommendations (something I’ve been severely lacking at over the past year really.) But I was tagged by Dani @mousaibooks to do this tag and I thought it was the perfect tag to do! Continue reading

Recommendations | Red Book Covers Pt. I

So I really want to get back into making regualr recommendation posts and I thought a super fun way would be to recommend books based on the color of the books covers. This way there can be a wide range of genres and topics covered! I started making a list of books with (mostly) red covers and it got a little long so this is going to be part 1! And I’m using cover changes to my advantage for this series, so as long as one cover fits the color theme, I’m going to use it. Also, there are some later books in series here so beware of spoilers. Continue reading

Black History Month TBR

So I’ve decided to have a monthly TBR for Black History Month to celebrate and focus on reading works by Black authors. Some of these books are rereads, some I’ve have been on my TBR forever, and others are new discoveries that I’m super excited about. This is just going to be a tentative TBR, I know I might not read all of them but I am definitely going to try my best to read as many of these as I can. Continue reading

Top 10 Tuesday | Road Trip Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature formerly hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and is currently hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl

So it’s been while since I’ve done a T10T post, but I want to get back into them and I feel this week’s topic about books that give you the travel bug is perfect for summer! So here are 10 books that will make you want to pack a bag and take a vacation. I feel like this is also serving as a summer recommendations post. As always, book titles are linked to the goodreads page! Continue reading

Book Recommendations | College YA

This month’s recommendations post I’m going to be talking about YA books set in college. I love seeing more YA books coming out set in college, they bring a whole new set of experiences to draw from and I couldn’t be happier that more are coming out. This recommendations post will be a mix of books I’ve read and ones on my TBR. So here are 10 YA books set in college. Continue reading