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Another Sunday, another book tag.

This week, I’m going a tag all about book recommendations (something I’ve been severely lacking at over the past year really.) But I was tagged by Dani @mousaibooks to do this tag and I thought it was the perfect tag to do!


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*Feel free to not take the term ‘book’ too literally, please recommend graphic novels, comics and other works too!

*Click the book cover to go to the Goodreads Page!

Recommend a book from one of your favorite genres

I can never pick a favorite genre, but Paranormal, Contemporary, and High Fantasy are the ones I’m always stuck between, so I figures I’d pick a book from each category. 

Recommend a Short Book

Two amazing short books that pack a punch! Tuck Everlasting is a longtime favorite that I love to revisit when I need a pick-me-up. Long Way DOwn was the first novel in versed I ever read, and I loved the format and Jason Reynolds writing.

Recommend a book-to-screen adaptation

I kinda wanted to go outside the box with this recommendation, and my sister recommended this one. I highly recommend the audiobook for The Killer Across the Table, another of Douglas’ books.

Recommend a book out of your comfort zone

I’m not normally a nonfiction reader, so the entire genre is really out of my comfort zone, but these two books are phenomenal reads.

Recommend a book series

I feel like contemporary series are underrated, and this is one of my favorites. Filled with all the feels, adorable moments, and personal growth.

Recommend a standalone

Felix became an instant favorite when I read it last month. It was the perfect emotional read and character driven story that I’d been missing for a lot of this summer. The Beauty That Remains is a marvelous friendship story where emotion pours off the page.

Recommend a book you don’t talk about enough

I haven’t talked about Anxious People much because I just read it two days ago, but you can bet that I won’t be able to shut up about it in the future. Anthologies are some of my favorite types of books, but I don’t mention them often – but Toil & Trouble is one of the best I’ve read. Well balanced genre and styles so there’s something for everyone.

Recommend your ‘staple’ book

These are some of my all-time favorite book – across all different genres – that I can be confident a wide variety of people will (hopefully) like.

Recommend the book/s that got you into reading

Louis Sachar was one of my favorite authors when i was in elementary school. I remember reading and rereading these stories over and over again.

What are some of your go-to book recommendations? Share below!

Until next time,

5 thoughts on “Book Tag |Ultimate Book Recommendations Book Tag

  1. Amber says:

    Oooh I’m glad to see Anxious People on here!! I haven’t read any other book by him yet. I’m really excited to do so though! I need to get around to reading Scythe too. I’ve had that on my shelf since it came out 🙈

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